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Weather you are using our on-line web form or you have integrated our service into your favorite mail client, We make sending secure messages simple and safe through our encrypted email system!


Using our on-line form you can upload files as large as 750mb to be sent off to your intended recipients. Using our email integration with your favorite email client, you can send files as large as 250mb.


Secure inbound messaging allows you to receive secure messages and large file attachments from your clients. You can email out a link to the form or integrate a form link to your website.


You decide the security type each of your recipient utilizes when receiving messages. You can send your recipient an encrypted link to your message or add IP & pin security for those really sensitive docs.

HIPAA Compliant

Welcome is an Encrypted email system utilizing enhanced IP and pin base security. This allows you the confidence to know only the intended recipient is opening the attachments you email. We provide service to many different industries including: Banking, Title Companies, Accounting, Settlement attorneys, Health Care, Real Estate & More.

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Sender Advantages:
° No plug-ins to install
° Use your favorite mail client
° Automatic adding of new recipients
° Send large files right from outlook
° Revoke messages after they are sent
Recipient Advantages:
° No Software or plug-ins to download
° No website to resister for
° No passwords required
° Reply to message
° Instantly destroy message after reading

General Features

° Simple, easy to use
° HIPAA compliant
° BAA included with account
° Message timed self-destruction
° Revoke messages after they are sent
° Send large file attachments (250mb)
° Inbound & outbound Activity Logs
° No password required
° Optional layers of security
     ° No security
     ° Pin security
     ° IP security
     ° Both pin & IP security

° Integrates with your current mail program
     ° Outlook (all versions)
     ° Thunderbird
     ° Mac Mail
     ° Apple Mail
     ° Any other pop3 mail program

How easy is it to send a secure message with

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